Sold in packs of two, Jump Gear Rail Sleeves are 9’6” long
and fit most wood and pvc poles (up to 3 ½” diameter).
• 100% Solution-dyed Polyester
• Certified UV Resistant
• Durable
• Convenient
• A great addition to any arena
• Makes a great gift
Red, White, Royal 
Hunter, Tan 
Burgundy, Navy 
Tan, Navy 
Navy, White 
Burgundy, White 
Tan, White 
Burgundy, Tan 
White, Yellow 

Rail Sleeve Set

Rail Sleeves are fun and easy to mix, match and change - great for Hunters, and Jumpers! Two sleeves per Set $29.95


Throw away your paint brush! JUMP GEAR Rail Sleeves offer superior value, protection, and flexibility versus other products on the market.  Slide these sleeves over your old wooden rails and make them look like new, and your arena look fabulous!  Do you have white pvc plumbing pipe?  While they are economical, pvc is nearly impossible to paint, and rail tape peels and fades.  Try Rail Sleeves instead!  Our sleeves are 9 foot, six inch long "tubes" made from the same fabric our 3-Panel Walls are made from - UV-protected, solution dyed polyester.  Unlike short plastic cuff-type products and vinyl tape, our sleeves are extremely tough and will hold up to all the dirt, sand, sun and freezing temperatures you can throw at them.   Not only that, your arena will look like you just spent a fortune on new rails.  If they get dirty just throw them in the washer and hang to dry.  They come out looking great!

[Above: Art Spiece of Westfield Farm LLC on "DeeHotLeague". For more information about Westfield Farm LLC training services, visit their web site at]