Three panels (enclosed) create a 10’ ft wide by 2’ ft high jump.
• 100% Solution-dyed Polyester
• Certified UV Resistant
• Durable
• Easy to use, move and store
• A great addition to any arena
• Makes a great gift
Red, White, Royal 
Hunter, Navy 
Burgundy, Navy 
Tan, Navy 
Navy, White 
Navy, White, Tan 
Hunter, White 
Burgundy, White 
Tan, White 
Royal, White 
White, Yellow 
Red, White 
Hunter, Tan 

3-Panel Wall

JUMP GEARâ„¢ 3-Panel Walls let you instantly create an attractive, eye-catching jump simply using rails you already own!


Made of three individual panels, JUMP GEAR™ 3-Panel Wall Jumps thread onto any rail (up to 3 1/2 “ diameter).  Slide another rail (or 2x4… whatever you have) through the bottom pockets to weigh the panels down.

3-Panel Walls look great but are also super durable.  Made from UV-protected, solution dyed polyester (not thin vinyl), they can withstand the harshest weather - all year round.  Raise and lower these walls to any jump height in seconds.   JUMP GEAR is a breeze to move, store, and clean.

Got dirt? Just wipe the panels with a damp sponge, or throw in the washer and hang to dry.

JUMP GEAR™ 3-Panel Wall Jumps offer a quick and affordable way to take your arena from plain to professional

All three panels sold together as a set: $49.95

[Above: Art Spiece of Westfield Farm, LLC on "Mr. Chip n Bell".  For more information about Westfield Farm LLC training services, visit their web site at www.westfieldfarmllc.com.]